At Advanced Life, we are in relentless pursuit of leadership excellence.  It is our dream to uncover leadership potential and equip individuals with the tools to become positive influencers in their generation.  We strive to see women and men rise above the boundaries of mediocrity and other inhibitions to achieve lives of personal excellence.


We are committed to the ideal of cultivating leadership excellence and we believe that with the right tools, every person can lead themselves to become the leader they were created to be.  One person at a time, positive change can gather momentum that can eventually change a family, workplace, business and community. 


To equip and train emerging business, political, religious and societal leaders to become more effective leaders of change in their families, communities, churches and businesses.



iLEAD is committed to personal leadership development, organizational leadership training, leadership innovation – “thinking outside the box,” and industry specific training. We believe in the following three (3) foundational principles to execute our mission:

  • Training the mind and spirit

  • Training the character

  • Training to lead



iLEAD’s objective is to groom a new generation of visionary leaders in Africa and other key regions with a passion for excellence and integrity. We are specifically committed to:

  • Preparing leaders to enhance productivity and performance in an array of public, private and religious organizations.

  • Equipping leaders with the critical thinking and decision making skills necessary for today's evolving leadership roles.

  • Bringing together leading global experts to teach on leadership and other relevant, present-day issues within their respective fields.

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