At Advanced Life, we are in relentless pursuit of leadership excellence! It is our dream to uncover leadership potential and equip individuals with the tools to become influencers in their generation. We strive to see men and women rise above the boundaries of mediocrity to achieve lives of personal excellence.

We are committed to the ideal of cultivating leadership excellence and we believe that with the right tools, every person can become an influencer in their families, businesses and communities. We reach out to ordained and lay leaders in churches; professionals in the areas of business and commerce; leaders in the non-profit sector as well as political and government leaders.

Advanced Life offers the following practical resources:

Conferences and Seminars
Advanced Life hosts a yearly "Iron Sharpens Iron" conference which provides a forum for ministers and other church leaders to come together for mentoring, networking, equipping and refreshing. It is our vision to host additional conferences, seminars and retreats to further our mission.

Coaching & Consulting Services
Advanced Life provides leadership and organizational effectiveness consulting services to individuals, business and other non-profit organizations.