Welcome to the Institute of Leadership & Development ( iLead), where we are dedicated to training and building strong leaders who will be excellent in all arenas.  iLead is an organization dedicated to creating and developing the foundational structure for up and coming leaders in all areas of society. Whether it’s in the Church, in business or in everyday interaction, we strive to equip leaders with the keys they need to be effective and influential in every aspect of their lives. Our mission is to bring out the inevitable Leader in every individual.

Our principles are simple and straight-forward:

  • Training the Mind: ILEAD is committed to training the mind through strong academic and biblical studies.
  • Training the Spirit: Spiritual formation is very essential and key to ministry. ILEAD will seek to impart spirit-filled life from the instructors to the students.
  • Training to Lead: Nothing moves without leadership. ILEAD will impart leadership principles to enable students demonstrate sterling leadership qualities in their sphere of influence.